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Enterprise Cloud Performance Demystified


Performance plays a vital role in the success of your online applications and web-based content - whether you are processing millions of transactions, delivering business-critical software or servicing a massive gaming community. Research shows that even one second of delay on a typical website can result in 7% fewer customer conversions. For many businesses, that means lost revenue and damage to their brand. As cloud is becoming an increasingly viable infrastructure choice for enterprise applications, it is essential to select a high-performance cloud service that will support the best possible experience for your end users.   

Determining the right cloud solution for your needs also necessitates thorough analysis of the level of security, control, customization and support your business requires. In this webcast, thought leaders from Gartner and Internap outline the performance factors that affect your cloud decision-making process and discuss how to optimize your IT Infrastructure to create satisfied end users.

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Published:  Dec 29, 2011
Type:  Webinar
Tags : 
enterprise cloud, cloud computing, technology, cloud solution, application integration, enterprise software

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