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Measuring the Value and Payback of Network Visibility

Emulex Corporation

An intelligent, searchable recording fabric with 100% accuracy sounds pretty useful. But can you calculate a solid ROI to justify it?

We all know intuitively that there are substantial bottomline benefits to reducing unplanned network downtime and improving the management of corporate risk. It follows that it also pays dividends to free up highly skilled Tier 1 and Tier 2 engineers to handle resolving the most difficult and costly network issues while using less expensive personnel to handle easier ones.

But justifying a network investment on a soft, intuitive argument like this alone doesn’t usually suffice. And, depending on what industry you are in, the cost savings potential will vary. At the high end, in many financial and brokerage institutions, a minute of downtime can cost the company millions of dollars. So being able to shave even a single minute off network downtime with a pervasive monitoring tool represents an immediate recovery of the fabric investment.

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Published:  Nov 07, 2013
Length:  2
Type:  White Paper
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network monitoring, network visibility, technology, endace, best practices, networking

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