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IT et marketing: Trouver l'Harmonie entre le Yin et le Yang du Monde Digital

By: Adobe

We tend to think of yin and yang as opposites black and white, hot and cold, night and day. But yin and yang are actually interconnected, complementary forces, each dependent on the other for its existence; without night there is no day; without day there is no night. 

IT and marketing have traditionally been viewed as opposites, too, the former tasked with systems operations and data security, the latter with one-way messaging and brand stewardship. But the digital revolution has forever altered that perspective. Today, these two seemingly disparate parts of an organisation must work in harmony to deliver a premium customer experience and, ultimately, improve the organisationís bottom line.

This white paper explains why marketing and IT must work together to effectively engage customers.

Download this paper now to discover the best practices from successful IT and marketing partnerships.

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Published:  Feb 10, 2016
Length:  11
Type:  White Paper
Tags : 
it and marketing, digital, customer engagement, it and marketing partnerships, collaboration, best practices, customer interaction service, customer relationship management, customer satisfaction, customer experience management

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