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The Top 5 Collaboration Challenges ... and How IT Leaders Can Overcome Them


What exactly is Shadow IT? The term refers to people installing and using their own, non-company-sanctioned apps and software at work. They might do so for several reasons: perhaps they arenít satisfied with their company-approved options, or they arenít even aware there are such options. Maybe the company doesnít actually have a sanctioned solution for a specific task. Or maybe the employee just likes the app theyíre used to.

These all hold especially true for collaboration solutions. Consider the fact that nearly 38 percent of millennials said that they feel outdated collaboration processes hinder their companyís innovation1. Is it any wonder they and others who feel the same would resort to a BYOC (bring your own collaboration) approach to getting work done? As they do so, however, they introduce a host of challenges for IT leaders. Nor is Shadow IT the only issue facing IT leaders today when it comes to working together. But team players should not despair! Collaboration is still the best way to drive effectiveness and innovation at work, and there is a better way to do it.

Read this paper to learn the top five collaboration challenges, followed by a game plan to address them.

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Published:  Jul 20, 2016
Type:  White Paper
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