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Modern Identity


We’re living through a time where people, organizations and societies not only rely but thrive upon secure, simple and fast access to information. From small businesses, startups, enterprises and global conglomerates across all verticals; to local, state and federal governments; to educational institutions and nonprofits, we are continuously investing in our employees, devices, applications, networks and infrastructure that enable us to drive our collective missions forward.

Ten years ago, business and technology leaders catalyzed a cloud app revolution that has changed the way organizations manage IT. However, through this transformative shift, the core requirements of IT remain the same. Technology leaders are responsible for ensuring that 1) information assets remain confidential and protected, 2) information systems are available and operational, and 3) people are empowered and productive with the apps and information they need.

So what is Identity and Access Management?

IAM is a technology and security discipline that has a history going back just about as far as networked computing. Some of the basic elements of IAM, like passwords or keys, go back thousands of years.

Identity is simply the fact of who a person is. In an organizational context, we need to be able to assert, verify, manage and propagate user identities against the services or resources provided to their employees, partners, or customers. We need to ensure that we know for certain that a person is, in fact, who they’re claiming to be, and we need a single source of truth or system of record to manage and maintain identities across all of our apps and resources.

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Published:  Oct 24, 2017
Type:  White Paper
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