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By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Aug 22, 2017
OAuth is an emerging Web standard for authorizing limited access to applications and data. It is designed so that users can grant restricted access to resources they own—such as pictures residing on a site like Flickr or SmugMug—to a third-party client like a photo printing site. In the past, it was common to ask the user to share their username and password with the client, a deceptively simple request masking unacceptable security risk. In contrast to this, OAuth promotes a least privilege model, allowing a user to grant limited access to their applications and data by issuing a token with limited capability.
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CA Technologies
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Aug 24, 2017
OAuth ist ein relativ neuer Webstandard zur Autorisierung des eingeschränkten Zugriffs auf Anwendungen und Daten. Er sorgt dafür, dass Anwender Drittanbieterkunden, etwa Fotodruckwebseiten, eingeschränkten Zugriff auf ihre Ressourcen gewähren können, z. B. auf Bilder auf Webseiten wie Flickr oder SmugMug. Bisher forderte der Client den Anwender üblicherweise zur Eingabe von Anwenderrnamen und Passwort auf – eine täuschend einfache Bitte, die ein inakzeptables Security-Risiko birgt. OAuth bietet im Gegensatz dazu ein Modell der geringstmöglichen Zugriffsrechte. Anwender können dabei mithilfe eines funktional begrenzten Tokens eingeschränkten Zugriff auf ihre Anwendungen und Daten gewähren.
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CA Technologies
By: Clearswift     Published Date: Jun 09, 2008
Anyone who spends any time online cannot have failed to notice. People are using the Web in new ways; ways that make the 'brochureware' of the early Web experience look and feel decidedly flat. It's a new world, characterised by a wave of new jargon, brands and web based experiences. MySpace. FaceBook.  Wikipedia. Flickr. Twitter. YouTube. Mashups. Blogs. Newsfeeds. Download this white paper for a simple guide to the terms, opportunities and threats that Web 2.0 poses.
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internet security, web 2, web 2.0, clearswift, social media, social networking, facebook, myspace, web 2.0, security, web security, clearswift, network security, intrusion prevention
By: Spredfast, Inc.     Published Date: Aug 30, 2011
In the Social Media Pocket Guide, discover best practices for developing full-scale programs. The guide outlines the business case, content strategy, real-world examples and measurement methods for the 6 best ways to use social media.
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spredfast, social media management, social media strategy, social media planning, twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube, flickr, social business, engagement, awareness, monitoring, spredfast, brand awareness, customer care, lead generation, social media objectives
Spredfast, Inc.
By: Spredfast, Inc.     Published Date: Aug 30, 2011
Learn how to plan and execute successful social media initiatives with this 28-page framework including best practices on developing your social media strategy, writing day-to-day content and managing your social media team.
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spredfast, social media management, social media strategy, social media planning, twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube, flickr, social business, engagement, awareness, monitoring
Spredfast, Inc.
By: BatchBlue Software     Published Date: Mar 27, 2009
Even though you may not be familiar with the term “social media”, chances are you’ve heard about it or maybe even are using it to communicate in your personal life. But is social media successfully making the crossover from personal pastime to business tool? This blue paper outlines the different types of tools in the social media toolkit and proposes ways they can be used to promote your brand, communicate with your customers and help grow your business.
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social media, matternow, communications, brand management, media toolkit, marketing communications, myspace, youtube, facebook, social networking, internet advertising, linkedin, twitter, blogs, weblogs, microblogging, pownce, flickr, del.icio.us, dig
BatchBlue Software
By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Oct 19, 2017
OAuth est un protocole Web relativement nouveau qui régit l’octroi d’un accès limité aux applications et données. il a été conçu pour permettre aux utilisateurs d’octroyer un accès restreint aux ressources dont ils sont propriétaires (images résidant sur un site tel que Flickr ou smugMug, par exemple) à un client tiers tel qu’un site d’impression de photos par exemple. ce livre blanc de cA Technologies décrit ce qu’est OAuth et vous montre comment faciliter son implémentation au sein de votre organisation.
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CA Technologies EMEA
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