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X1 was born out of frustration. We just could not believe that it was easier to find what you were looking for on the Web than to find an email or a file on your own computer.So in 2002, Idealab founder Bill Gross reassembled many of the team members who created Lotus Magellan—the original PC-based file search product—but this time to create a powerful new-generation search tool that could handle the huge capacities of data that resides on the desktop or across the corporate network. X1 Technologies was officially formed in 2003.X1 pioneered fast-as-you-type searching, intuitive interface, file and email previewing, as well as saved searches and the ability to act on the found email or files. PC Magazine awarded X1's flagship product, X1 Desktop Edition, their "Best of 2004" award—commenting, "We at PC Magazine are addicted to X1."
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