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Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks 2.0


Free utility finds the fragmentation that's crippling your network! New Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks 2.0 takes the guesswork out of tracking networked system performance. This revolutionary utility scans networked systems' performance from one single access point. It equips administrators with an arsenal of performance data, so they can zero in on systems' fragmentation and slows. This second edition comes with a series of improvements which afford users more control and flexibility. Systems can be selected from the Active Directory or IP Address. And this cutting-edge tool supports custom grouping. So, repeated scans are easy to set up and run. Performance reports can also be scheduled for off-peak hours. Results will be automatically sent to your e-mail address. Performance reports are now exported to a MicrosoftT SQL database for easy sorting and querying. Don't let low-functioning systems go unnoticed. Get Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks 2.0 free now!

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Published:  Mar 01, 2009
Type:  Live Event
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